How to Effectively Protect and Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel

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June Is Oral Health Month

how to strengthen enamelThe vast majority of Americans struggle with tooth decay. In fact, over 90 percent of adults had a cavity at some point in their life.

One reason for tooth decay and cavities is a breakdown of tooth enamel. For this reason, promoting strong enamel is essential to long-term dental health.

June is Oral Health Month and now is the perfect time to learn more. Read on to explore tips to protect and strengthen enamel.

Eliminate Poor Diet Choices

There are a number of foods that are bad for your teeth. Sugar and starch, for instance, do not easily wash away off your teeth with saliva or water.

This leads to bacteria on your teeth that eat away at the enamel. Over time, enamel decay paves the way for discoloration and tooth sensitivity.

In general, the foods that are bad for your waist size are also bad for your teeth. This means gives you another reason to clear the pantry of junk food like chips, cookies, and candy.

Surprisingly to some, dry cereal is another culprit of enamel decay. The reason is that many cereal brands contain excess amounts of sugar.

Foods and beverages that are highly acidic are also bad for enamel health. This means that citrus fruits and soft drinks are poor choices.

Implement a Healthy Diet to Strengthen Enamel

Choosing a healthy diet for your teeth does not mean sacrificing great-tasting food. One key is to incorporate foods that are rich in calcium.

This means that dairy items such as milk and yogurt are mainstays in a pro-enamel diet. In addition to calcium, main courses like chicken and beef are rich in other vitamins and minerals that are good for dental health. For lighter fare, add strawberries and celery to your diet as a mid-day snack.

Home Care

Besides dietary changes, the most important factor is home dental care. Your parents and dentist were not kidding when they made you brush twice per day.

For strong enamel, it is critical to remove bacteria from your teeth, gums, and tongue. You also need to brush for at least two minutes each session and use proper technique.

Brushing too hard runs the risk of wearing down enamel. Instead, focus on short, back-and-forth motions at a 45-degree angle.

You also want to replace your toothbrush several times per year to avoid using frayed bristles and a bacteria-filled brush. Lastly, adding a fluoride to your daily routine helps remineralize the enamel.

Professional Care

Home dental care is simply not enough. Biannual trips to the dentist for cleanings are more than just for cosmetic purposes only.

Instead, the dental hygienist specializes in removing soft and hard plaque deposits off your teeth. This professional care is certain to promote long-term dental health.

Wrapping It Up

Far too many Americans have tooth decay and cavities. The path to healthy enamel involves routine dental care and a favorable diet.

Simple steps like replacing sugary drinks with water are certain to have an impact. Daily home care like productive brushings and fluoride also help. If you are interested in how to strengthen enamel, please contact us for assistance.

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