Whitening processWhitening can be accomplished with several different methods.  Over the counter mouthwashes and "strips" are common take home applications that can improve the appearance of the teeth.  Professional methods include custom trays and a stronger gel that is worn at home, with great results. In-office whitening is an accelerated whitening procedure that uses a light activated gel to whiten the teeth 3 or more shades in one visit.  Combined with take home whitening, this is a highly effective long term treatment.

By using regular teeth cleanings and even deep cleanings, you can have a beautiful and healthy smile. Still, there may be aspects of daily living that have started to stain and yellow your teeth. Now, you might have a healthy smile, but lack the matching white teeth. Our team can help you find the right teeth whitening method for you. If your teeth are sensitive, then we can match you with the right professional method to minimize the sensitivity, allowing you to have beautiful white teeth but without the pain. Using teeth cleaning products that address sensitivity can also be used as part of your teeth whitening plan. A dental professional can also offer advice on specific at home products that you can use to compliment your professional whitening, allowing you to maintain it for years to come. If you are not sure what is the right teeth whitening option for you, then contact one of our experienced dental professionals today to learn more!