Dental CleaningsMany people are under the assumption that a dental cleaning is the process of polishing the teeth.  Truth is, a "preventative cleaning" is the removal of hard and soft deposits from the teeth. At SmileLogic, all adults and teenagers have a periodontal screening to be sure that a regular "cleaning" is the best treatment for their situation.  Many times, inflammation and infection may be present, and that needs to be treated more aggressively.

With a regular teeth cleaning program, you can make sure that your teeth are receiving the best possible care. By removing those hard and soft mineral deposits, you are addressing the potential causes of long-term damage to the enamel of your teeth. Another benefit of following a preventative teeth cleaning program is that your dental professional can identify potential trouble areas and address them before the cavities form. This process includes checking your gums for signs of trouble, including bleeding or tenderness. Your dental professional can also identify areas that you may need to give more attention during your daily brushing. If you have tooth sensitivity, your dental professional can offer options, such as a toothpaste geared toward sensitive teeth. With a routine teeth cleaning in place, you end up keeping your teeth healthy, and also keep your dental costs down as well. By preventing cavities, you are also preventing potential infections and inflammation before they start. Keep your teeth healthy and happy for years to come with routine teeth cleaning to stop damage before it starts.