Digital teeth X-raysRadiographs or x-rays are very important in the detection and diagnosing of dental disease.  Without radiographs, it is impossible to determine the amount of bone level that is supporting the teeth, if there are cavities that are not visible clinically, or if there is an abscess present.  Those without a history of cavities and periodontal disease may not need x-rays as often as those who have a history of dental problems.  This is a very individualized decision, and needs to be discussed based on your needs.  Dental x-rays are safe, and we are a certified low radiation office.

Digital x-rays allow your dental professional to see what is happening with your teeth below the gum line, as well as find potential problems within your teeth before they are visible to the naked eye. With digital x-rays, our team can send your x-rays to your dentist within minutes. No more waiting for a few days for films to arrive. That means you and your dentist can create a treatment plan the day your digital x-rays are taken, allowing you to address any issues without delay. Catching potential concerns early means a treatment plan may also be less invasive. Working with our team, we capture digital x-rays with a focus on keeping you comfortable.