How Often Should You Get a Dental Cleaning?

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Dental cleaning, dental hygienistIt’s common for patients to question how often they should have a dental cleaning done. For most patients, the answer is that it should be done every six months, although your dentist may recommend more or less frequency based on your dental health and risk factors.

The best way to figure out how often you need to get a dental cleaning is by talking to your dentist about his concerns and obtaining a professional recommendation. While the length of time between cleanings may vary from person to person, it’s recommended that most people with adequate dental health get their teeth cleaned twice a year.

The Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings

There are several benefits to having it done on this schedule, such as:

  • Most insurance companies will only pay for two cleanings and exams per year. If you need to go more frequently, your dentist’s office may submit an inquiry to see if it’s covered, but in some instances, it may not be. This means that you will be on the hook for any fees associated with more than two cleanings per year, and since these appointments generally cost a couple of hundred dollars each, the extra costs can quickly eat away at your budget. If you are insured and get fewer than two cleanings per year, you are leaving money on the table and potentially jeopardizing the health of your teeth.
  • Your dentist has an opportunity to periodically check in on your dental health and spot any changes or issues quickly. Going too long between exams can jeopardize more than just your dental health since oral exams can often help clinicians identify cardiovascular diseases or oral cancers. Therefore, regular exams can promote overall health and wellness.
  • Cleaning your teeth removes plaque and tartar, allowing them to look their whitest. Regular cleanings can also remove stains that dull or discolor one’s teeth. Therefore, getting them cleaned regularly can also help you look your best with a bright, vibrant smile!
  • Your dentist can spot other dental issues, such as broken fillings, fractures, or infections, and help you get the treatment you need before these problems become more painful or costly to solve. Keeping your mouth and gums healthy can prevent or decrease your risk of early tooth loss or the need for major dental surgery, saving you time and money and preventing discomfort. Inadequate oral hygiene is linked to several other major medical issues, including bone loss, strokes, cancers, and other problems.

The reality is that regular cleanings are a vital part of adequate dental health. They can help you maintain oral health, prevent oral diseases, and potentially identify oral diseases and infections early. Moreover, they keep your smile looking brilliant. Having it done every six months is a great starting point, and after consulting with your dentist, you will have individualized guidance on whether you should be seen more often or less frequently. To learn more about the benefits of regular dental cleanings or to make an appointment, contact Smile Logic today!

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