The Benefits of Regular Visits to Your Dental Hygienist

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Dental hygienist in BroomfieldAs the new year approaches, many of us are planning how to use our health benefits, including dental, throughout the year. However, you might wonder if you need to schedule two visits annually with your dental hygienist. Let’s dive into how regular visits with your dental hygienist in Broomfield can benefit you.

Reduce the Risk of Oral Disease

When you regularly visit your dental hygienist, they are able to assess the health and well-being of your mouth, including checking for cavities and gum disease. When caught early, these problems can be addressed to keep your mouth healthy. Regular visits with a dental hygienist throughout the year also assist them in creating a baseline of your oral health, which can then be used to determine if issues are developing. Your dental hygienist in Broomfield can continue to follow up and determine whether the issue needs intervention by your dentist or needs to be monitored.

The Benefits of Deep Cleaning

Even with regular brushing and flossing, the truth is that your teeth will still need periodic deep cleaning. Think of your home. We have spring cleaning because it allows us to move furniture, clean curtains, and go above daily maintenance to keep our houses in the best condition possible. Our teeth and gums also need a spring cleaning, so regularly visiting your dental hygienist in Broomfield can ensure that happens.

Preventative Measures Tailored for Your Health

Food residue within our mouths can promote the growth of bacteria, which contributes to biofilm on the surface of our teeth. That biofilm produces destructive acids that demineralize our enamel. Our daily brushing and flossing routine aims to get that biofilm off and thus reduce the potential damage to our enamel.

When you regularly see your dental hygienist, they can work with you to improve your brushing and flossing, teach you better techniques, or even point out areas that need special attention. One way they do that is with a staining tablet, which attaches color to the biofilm. Then, you can see the areas where you are brushing well and the areas you might miss. They can also help you find the right toothpaste to meet your needs, including ones that address increased sensitivity or that help to remineralize your teeth.

Reducing the Risk of Gum Disease

Dental cleaning reduces the risk of gum diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Various research studies have shown that poor oral hygiene increases the risk of periodontitis five times compared to fair oral hygiene. Regular visits with your dental hygienist in Broomfield can help reduce the likelihood of gum disease, thus keeping your mouth healthy.

They can recommend interdental brushes and waterjet devices if you have bleeding gums. You can also continue flossing regularly to combat gum disease. Your dental hygienist in Broomfield can walk you through the flossing process and answer any questions.

There are multiple ways that your dental hygienist in Broomfield can work with you to improve your oral health. By scheduling your next visit today, we can become a part of your wellness routine in the new year!

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