Vitamins and your Oral Health

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ORAL HEALTH THROUGH PREVENTION Our bodies and, in particular, our teeth, use minerals and vitamins for our health. We are encouraged by doctors and dentists and hygienists to pay attention to the relationship between what we eat and how we … Read More

The Greek Goddess… of hygiene?

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Our practice is called Dental Hygiene. Ever wonder the Why, What and Where of the word “Hygiene”? It’s a Greek word, and it’s a Who. Hygieia ( Ὑγιεία) was the goddess of health, cleanliness and sanitation. She was the daughter … Read More

Our first blog….

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So to be more connected in the internet world, SmileLogic will be blogging! Our hopes in starting to blog is that we reach new people, who don’t know what we are about, and to keep connected with those of you … Read More

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