Teeth Whitening: 9 Benefits and Risks

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Professional teeth whitening, teeth whiteningSummer is the time for pictures and building great memories. Looking at the pictures, you want a bright white smile reflected back. Demand for teeth whitening is growing, with 1 in 4 adults avoiding smiling due to the condition of their mouth. Before you schedule your teeth whitening with your dental hygienist, learn the 9 benefits and risks of professional teeth whitening.

What Turns Your Teeth Yellow

Before you decide to whiten your teeth, you might be wondering what causes them to get discolored in the first place. There are both internal and external factors that play a role. By seeing your dentist first, you can determine what type of stain you have and whether it can be removed. Genetics, for instance, can lead to intrinsic stains that might not improve with a whitening process. On the other hand, food stains from coffee, alcohol, soda, or candy can wear away the white outer layer of your teeth.

While it can help reduce the sources of these stains, tooth care alone is not likely to get rid of them. That is where professional teeth whitening comes into play. But are there risks involved?

The Risks of Teeth Whitening

While teeth whitening can leave your teeth looking shiny and bright, some people do wonder if it can make their teeth weaker or if the chemicals involved will negatively affect their health. Here are a few of the potential risks that come with teeth whitening.

Risk #1 – The peroxide in the teeth whitening bleach can damage cells around your gums, along with nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues in your teeth.

Risk #2 – Overusing teeth whitening products can lead to tooth sensitivity and gum irritation, making your daily dental routine more challenging.

Risk #3 – If used incorrectly, teeth whitening products can wear away tooth enamel and irritate dental nerves.

Risk #4 – Discomfort from teeth whitening can be temporary but may last up to two days.

Risk #5 – If you have cavities, exposed roots, or badly worn enamel, your teeth might be harmed during the whitening process. Dental crowns and fillings can’t be whitened, making them stand out after teeth whitening.

While there are risks to teeth whitening, there are also some benefits to professional treatment, which can make it worth your time and effort.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Several benefits can result from professional teeth whitening treatment, such as the following:

Benefit #1 – Reduced stains. After years of coffee or other favorite foods, teeth whitening can help to reduce the appearance and discoloration of stains on your teeth.

Benefit #2 – Professional teeth whitening can last longer while minimizing discomfort. Your dental professional knows how to implement teeth whitening and can give tips to keep the effect lasting longer between treatments.

Benefit #3 – Reduce the risks of harming your teeth. Your dental professional will be able to determine if your teeth are healthy enough for the whitening process and address any issues before your first treatment.

Benefit #4 – The sparkling smile that results can be the greatest benefit. You can smile with confidence, knowing your teeth are white and bright.

At Smilelogic, our team of dental professionals provides quality teeth whitening treatments with optimal results. We also can work with you to address issues with your teeth that could negatively impact your experience. Contact us today to schedule your teeth whitening appointment.

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