The Importance of Semi-Annual Cleanings

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dental hygienist Broomfield coThe American Dental Association (ADA) designates April as Oral Cancer Awareness Month to emphasize the importance of early oral cancer detection. But in addition to oral cancer awareness, this month also demonstrates the importance of regular cleanings for maintaining our overall oral health. When you visit your dental hygienist twice a year, they get to know you, but more importantly, they create a record of your dental health. Why is this so important?

What Happens at a Dental Cleaning?

Your dental cleaning typically includes having all the plaque scraped off your teeth. Then you will have fluoride added to your teeth, giving your tooth enamel another layer of protection. Your dental hygienist in Broomfield, CO, will also make suggestions regarding how you can improve your brushing and identify any potential issues that a dentist should see.

At least once a year, you will also get digital X-rays. These X-rays can easily be sent to your dentist, but they also create a record of the changes in your teeth and gums. If your dental hygienist sees a dramatic change, they will inform you and refer you to your dentist.

Why Should You Not Neglect Your Dental Cleanings?

The primary reason to have regular dental cleanings is to protect your teeth. By having a cleaning, your teeth have the plaque removed, plus you can discuss any concerns with an expert. Your dental hygienist can answer many questions but refer you to your dentist when necessary.

The second reason to regularly make your dental cleanings is that you document the health of your mouth. When you don’t have regular cleanings, problems can go undetected for longer periods, which can cause significantly more damage to your teeth and gums. Oral cancer can strike at any time. If your dental hygienist notices a change, they can inform you and connect you with your dentist for further treatment.

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy Benefits Your Whole Body

While your dental hygienist might not complete an oral cancer screening, if they see anything that makes them concerned, such as red or white patches and mouth sores, they will recommend that you have an oral cancer screening at your dentist. Your dental hygienist can also recommend a deep cleaning to address pockets of plaque and bacteria that might have developed around your gums.

A person’s overall health is directly related to the health of the teeth and mouth. When you make a point to have regular dental cleanings, your dental hygienist in Broomfield, CO, can help you maintain your oral health. They will give you tips about how to brush better, use your floss effectively, and make other recommendations as necessary.

Scheduling a cleaning at your dental hygienist in Broomfield, Colorado, will allow them to identify potential issues early so you can seek treatment if necessary. Even if you have put off seeing a dental hygienist, don’t wait! You can start scheduling routine cleanings today to get your teeth and gums healthy once more.

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