How To Support Your Enamel Health Through Your Diet

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Are you wondering how to help your enamel stay healthy and keep your teeth strong? Click here to learn how to support your enamel health through your diet choices and how they can impact the health of your mouth.90% of adults have had at least one cavity. It’s fairly normal for enamel to get worn down over time, especially as we don’t always make the best choices for our teeth.

However, enamel health is important, so while we may need help once in a while, there are ways to support it through diet. If you take care of your teeth at home and see a Broomfield dental hygienist every now and again, that’s the best combination for oral health!

Here are some tips for taking care of your enamel through your diet.

Limit Coffee and Carbonated Soft Drinks

Nearly two-thirds of kids drink soda every day, but maybe they shouldn’t. Sugary carbonated beverages are one of the worst things for dental health, as the high amount of sugar can eat through the enamel at an alarming rate.

They also tend to have citric and phosphoric acids, which are another big culprit of wearing down enamel. If you consume sugary drinks, try to use a straw, put it past your front teeth, and limit the amount you consume. Multiple sodas a day aren’t good for anyone!

Coffee tends to be the one that gets adults. As with soda, you should try to limit the amount you consume.

Limit Substances That Dry Out Your Mouth

Dry mouth is an easy way for your teeth to begin to decay quickly. If your mouth is dry, there isn’t as much of a natural defense to fight what’s going in your mouth and eating at the enamel. This is because saliva will try to neutralize the acids attacking your teeth from food, so you want to produce as much of it as possible.

Substances that dry out your mouth include certain medications and alcohol. While it may be unavoidable to stop the medication, you can speak with your dentist about a way to help the effects. Fluoride is usually the best solution and is typically part of your regular dental cleaning.

Eat Foods That Produce More Saliva

Eating foods that produce more saliva is the key to off-setting a dry mouth. Fiber-rich fruit and vegetables will do this, as well as dairy products. Dairy products are rich in phosphates and calcium, which is great for keeping saliva at work and attacking anything that might be wearing away at your teeth.

Try to avoid foods that may reverse these effects, such as candy with high sugar. While we all want a treat once in a while, you shouldn’t overindulge.

See a Broomfield Dental Hygienist for Help

Eating foods that help your mouth to produce saliva and avoiding those with acids that attack your teeth is key to your enamel health. However, even with great diet options at home, you should still see a dental hygienist every six months to ensure everything is on track.

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