5 Amazing Benefits of Fluoride

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dental hygienist BroomfieldWe’ve all heard the expression, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” Taking care of your dental health is the first step to letting those pearly whites shine. We all know about regular flossing and brushing, but there are extra steps we can take to keep our teeth healthy. One of the ways which we can do so is to incorporate fluoride into your routine.

If you’re in the Colorado area, has your dental hygienist in Broomfield recommended fluoride to you? If so, continue reading for 5 of the reasons why the best dental hygienist will tell you it’s a good idea.

1. Prevents Decay

Strong tooth enamel is key to healthy teeth. Fluoride helps prevent enamel decay by working with saliva to protect from plaque and sugars. When bacteria within the mouth combine with sugars, an acid is created, leading to tooth erosion.

With fluoride teaming up with natural saliva, as well as calcium and phosphate, a perfect defense system is made to protect tooth decay.

2. Reverses Decay

In addition to protecting against decay, fluoride also helps reversedecay in a process called remineralization. It’s a process in which enamel is repaired prior to a cavity forming.

One of the benefits of fluoride is that it can help strengthen teeth and neutralize the acids that erode natural enamel—eventually prompting the naturally occurring process of remineralization.

3. Keeps Teeth Healthy

One of the most beneficial aspects of using fluorideis that it keeps your overall teeth and gums healthy. In turn, this can save you a significant amount of money down the road.

Major dental procedures can be costly, and decaying teeth will get you there. The easiest, and most painless way, to avoid intensive dental work is to stay on top of your fluoride treatments and utilize a toothpaste that incorporates fluoride. In addition, your dentist will likely apply fluoride during a regular cleaning visit.

4. Prevents Cavities

The second stage of tooth decay happens when enamel continues to break down. Bacteria in the mouth continue to interact with starches and sugars if proper dental care isn’t taken. This, of course, leads to cavities.

However, with proper care and the use of fluoride, decay can be halted, and remineralization of the tooth can once again take place.

5. It’s Natural

A final note about the positives of using fluoride is that it is a natural option for a healthy mouth.Water quality plays an important role, as fluoride exists naturally in our oceans and groundwater. The fluoridation in water provides an excellent way to prevent cavities and tooth decay naturally and easily.

As fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, you won’t have to worry about any adverse side effects when using it in toothpaste, drinking it in your water, or having it applied as a treatment during your regular dentist visit.

Visiting Your Dental Hygienist in Broomfield

Fluoride is just one of the many ways in which you can protect your teeth, ensuring that your smile lasts a lifetime. Proper maintenance and regular visits to your dental hygienist in Broomfield can make all the difference in a healthy smile.

For regular cleanings and preventative maintenance, be sure to contact our office here to schedule an appointment. Visit us today! We’re here to make sure you and your teeth receive the best possible care for a lifetime of smiles.

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