When is Peroxide Safe to Take Orally?

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Broomfield dental hygienistAll of us want a brighter and healthier looking smile, including whiter teeth. There are a variety of teeth whitening options, from toothpastes to a visit to your Broomfield dental hygienist for a professional teeth whitening treatment. However, some options can be rather expensive; so many individuals look for an effective and budget-friendly option. The option that frequently comes up is hydrogen peroxide. Here is what you need to know about using peroxide and when you should consult with your hygienist.

How Hydrogen Peroxide Works to Whiten Your Teeth

Hydrogen peroxide, an acidic chemical compound, has a variety of uses, including strong bleaching properties. When used as part of a teeth whitening process, it breaks down stains and dissolves them gradually without damaging the health of your teeth.

Typically, the hydrogen peroxide whitening products your Broomfield dental hygienist uses will be diluted with a whitening product, such as baking soda. That combination is meant to reduce the potential damage to your tooth enamel and gums.

Is It Safe?

Whitening products allow the peroxide to get close to your teeth and whiten them. It also has a long track record of safely bleaching your teeth. Still, if you frequently use hydrogen peroxide in high concentrations for a long period of time, then it can lead to irritation on your gums and tooth sensitivity.

If you opt to whiten your teeth at home, you should try to limit your first round of treatments to between seven to 14 treatments. You should also give your teeth and gums a day of rest between sessions. Once you complete your first round of sessions, then you should wait another six to 12 months before starting another round of whitening sessions.

Reduce the Amount of Teeth Stains

However, once you complete your first round of whitening, it can also benefit you to change any habits that contribute to the staining of your teeth. Certain drinks, for instance, can stain your teeth, such as coffee. If you smoke, quitting will help to reduce the stains on your teeth, along with the other health benefits.

Whitening Options to Avoid

While there are a variety of options for whitening your teeth at home, you should avoid whitening options that contain abrasive components, like charcoal. If you use charcoal products, they remove the outermost layer of enamel surface and that can damage the structure of your teeth.

What Does a Professional Teeth Whitening Include?

Professional methods provide whitening by using custom trays and stronger gel than you can get in a home tooth whitening treatment. A professional whitening treatment accelerated whitening procedure by light activated gel, thus changing the shades of your teeth by three or more shades. With home treatments supporting your professional treatments, you can keep your teeth bright and white.

If you are not sure what the right whitening option will work for you, then contact your Bloomfield dental hygienist who can assist you in accessing the best options for you. Contact our office today to learn about your teeth whitening options and dental cleaning appointments.

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