Which is better-Organic or Regular Toothpaste?

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dental hygieneYour dental care is highly important to your overall health. Believe it or not, bad dental hygiene can cause of load of health issues. Therefore, you will want to see your dentist regularly and follow good oral care.

Many individuals are wondering about what toothpaste is best to use, and what the difference is between an organic and regular toothpaste. Here are some tips to help you decide what toothpaste is best for you.

What is Organic Toothpaste?

Organic toothpaste has all-natural ingredients. Just like regular toothpaste, organic paste cleans your teeth and provides freshness to your breath. Conventional and natural toothpaste differ in the ingredients that they use. You will find xylitol or stevia being used as a sweetener in organic paste verses saccharin which is used in traditional toothpaste.

When a product is labeled as natural it is simply saying that it is free of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The ADA’s approval program will only verify safety and how effective a product is. With no official guidelines in place for toothpaste ingredients, the FDA allows any manufacture to say that their toothpaste is natural.

Most organic or natural based product companies will not engage in animal testing. This can be a huge selling point for some who do not believe in testing products on animals. You will also find that natural paste is white or off white, verses traditional toothpaste that can come in reds, blues, greens or pinks.

What Matters Most

No matter if your toothpaste is organic or regular the most important thing to look at is the ingredients. You want to ensure you are following through with good dental hygiene.

Here are the four most important things to look at when choosing a toothpaste:

  • Abrasive – Ensure your toothpaste has an effective abrasive ingredient, as this will help scrub plaque away.
  • Flavor – Be aware that the flavor comes from artificial sweeteners. Therefore, natural products will use natural sweeteners such as xylitol or stevia.
  • Humectants – All gels are formed with humectants.
  • Detergents – The foaming action will come from the cleaning agent, also known as the detergent.

Other than these 4 things, you will find fluoride in traditional toothpaste. Some may also contain tarter control agents. Most organic or natural toothpaste will leave out these types of ingredients.

To be honest, the most important detail is that you take care of your teeth. There are hundreds of products on the market, and toothpaste is somewhat of a personal choice. Ensure you pick a product that makes your mouth feel healthy and clean. Do not miss your dental checkups and ask your dentist if they have a preferred brand of toothpaste.

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