How we are approaching COVID safety

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Broomfield dental hygienistAs the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there are a variety of CDC recommendations that dentist and dental hygienists are following to ensure the safety of their patients. As your Broomfield dental hygienist, our team is working hard to protect you and your family, while still giving you the top-quality dental care that you have come to expect from us.

With that in mind, here is how we are approaching COVID-19 safety in our offices.

Before You Arrive at the Office

There are a few procedures that have been put in place to increase the safety of our offices during the COVID-19 pandemic. First, we have a HEPA filtration system running in each patient treatment room. We are also making sure that every member of our staff has the proper PPE (personal protection equipment). What is the proper PPE for each staff member? It means that our staff wear a KN95 or Level 3 Surgical Mask, plus a plastic face shield with every patient. We also have procedures in place to make sure masks are regularly changed and that shields are properly cleaned and disinfected. The gowns used during each appointment are changed between patients as well. I

Our team is also scheduling our patients further apart. The reason is to give our staff time to disinfect each treatment room between patients. You can feel confident that your Broomfield dental hygienist office has been properly cleaned and disinfected, as well as doing the same for your treatment room prior to your arrival in our office.

We have also eliminated our waiting room to reduce the potential spread of the virus. Currently, we are limiting our patients to one at a time. As usual, we continue to employ the Standard Universal Precautions that were in place prior to the pandemic.

What You Need to Do When You Arrive

First, we appreciate your trust in allowing us to care for you and your dental needs. However, if you are feeling ill, we encourage you to call and reschedule your appointment. Our staff is more than happy to handle the rescheduling process for you.

When you arrive for an appointment, we request that you wear a mask into the facility and keep it on until you reach the treatment room. We will check your temperature and complete a COVID screening when you arrive at our facility. Our team is washing and sanitizing their hands between each patient and we are requesting that our patients wash and sanitize their hands at the beginning of their procedure.

Once you are seated for your appointment, you will do a pre-procedural mouth rinse to reduce your bacteria count in aerosols. Every step we take is about reducing your potential exposure to the virus, as well as to protect our staff.

Aerosol Mitigation Procedures

Finally, our offices are now equipped with aerosol mitigation, which allows us to capture a larger number of droplets as we suction your mouth during your procedure. Using an extra-oral suction A-Flex HVE Assist Arm, our team is able to provide another layer of protection for our patients. This process means that we are reducing the potential spread of virus droplets into the air.

Think about the way a standard suction device in your Broomfield dental hygienist typically works. As it sucks up the extra water and saliva in your mouth, there is also moisture thrown out into the air. You might have felt your face get wet from the spray. This new aerosol mitigation technique is meant to reduce that level of spray and thus reduce the potential for spreading germs and bacteria, like the COVID-19 virus.

Our team is ready to provide quality dental care using these increased safety measures. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with your Broomfield dental hygienist today.

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