Natural Products to Treat Gum Inflammation

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Natural Products to Help Gum Disease – Gingivitis 
Gum disease is a chronic bacterial infection that inflames the gum and mouth
tissues, and then leads to more serious conditions. These conditions
include not only loss of bone in the mouth, but also an increased risk of heart
disease, difficulty in controlling diabetes and low birth weight in babies.
Taking care of your mouth is part of your overall health routine. There are two natural
products that may help with prevention and maintenance of gum disease. The least expensive
is apple cider vinegar.  Diluted in water and used as a mouth rinse, it can reduce the bacterial load in your mouth!
gum inflammationAnother natural product is CoQ10, which is a natural antioxidant that occurs in
every cell membrane in the body, particularly heart muscle cells. It increases
access to oxygen for the cells which creates better energy transfer. Any time
after a person’s twenties the body may be producing less of it just as we need more
of it. It’s found in most foods, and supplements can be purchased.  If you experience bleeding gums, increasing your intake of CoQ10 may reduce inflammation and bleeding.
Finally, the use of oral probiotic lozenges is effective in the treatment of gum disease.  We all have “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria in our mouths.  The good bacteria can be overpowered by the bad bacteria, making gingivitis difficult to treat.  Oral probiotics reintroduce more of the good bacteria into our oral tissues, which in turn may decrease the effects of the bad bacteria.  Oral probiotics can be found online or at your health food store.