How much is your health worth?

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How Much Does Dental Hygiene Cost Compared to…

We hope you will come in twice a year for teeth cleaning for yourself and your family members.  We know our clients too often think of the cost first and put it off, sometimes for years.  Unfortunately, this delay can result in more costly treatments. To help encourage you to come in often and regularly we devised this comparative cost list.

Cleaning appointment:       $88

X-rays:                             $70 once a year

A total cost is around:       $300 a year.

Just for fun, here are some areas that some of us spend money on regularly without a second thought:

$4.50 per cup of coffee at Starbucks or other fine coffee place. 66 cups of coffee buys a year of dental hygiene!

$9.00 for eating out at lunch  – a month of taking your own lunch will pay for your dental hygiene needs.

$25.00 for eating dinner out – twelve times, or once a month would pay for your annual dental hygiene.

Hair cut, coloring, nails is a comparative cost – once a year buys your yearly hygiene

$50 for a tank of gas six tanks of gas is a year of hygiene.

Not to mention other costs such as nails, cell phones, gym memberships!

Why You Can Afford To Have Your Teeth Cleaned Regularly

A cleaning is under $100, so two a year is less than $200. X-rays once a year (at most) are $70.00.  Regular cleanings are the single most effective thing you can do for the health of your mouth, teeth, tongue and gums.  For one person this involves a $20 per month investment, and that is without any insurance applied.

If you let your hygiene appointments go, hoping for the best, you may end up lucky. However, if you need corrective dental costs the prices go much higher.  Examples include:
Fillings:                                   $171-350

Periodontal treatment:            $175 – 1080, without surgery

Implants:                                 $3500 per tooth

There are a wide number of activities in our lives that request us to use a preventive strategy. Car maintenance is a very good comparison; change your oil or change your engine.

At SmileLogic, Inc. we pay attention to when you should be coming in for a cleaning, and notify you. As a courtesy, we try to contact all of our clients when they are due for their preventative treatments, to hopefully keep your visits preventative in nature!